RACE Dance Company Halloween Parade

RACE float

Somehow, I graduated high school surrounded by dancers. Although personally involved in the visual arts, I often got to watch my friends dance with the Oklahoma City Ballet and RACE dance company. This Halloween, I briefly became more than a spectator when I was commissioned to build the Race dance company’s float for the Oklahoma Gazette Halloween Parade. My friend and I put together Dracula’s castle and the company danced some great choreography as spooky minions.


Printmaking TA at Quartz Mountain

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inspiration: In June of 2012, I was fortunate enough to assist the Printmaking Papa, Marwin Begaye, at Oklahoma Summer Art Institute. He definitely gets your excited about printmaking and now I’m hooked on wood blocks. His mark making and pattern design greatly influenced this work.

*This photo was taken by Jonathan Butcher


‘truck’: Students were inspired to get creative with overlaying colors, mixing pigment, and constructing form. The fiber artist within me felt unsatisfied with a smooth surface, so I cut up my prints and made this collage. This piece is a tiny 4” x 6” print.


homemaker series: During camp, I was too busy building backdrops, making and clearing screens, and chasing after absent students to start my own woodblock. But the summer camp magic lingered well after I left the mountain. This is my first wood block post Quartz Mountain. In this series I assigned pattern to ordinary objects found in the home. I decided to start with gardening objects since I love to design floral pattern.


process: Here is a little insight into my process. As you can see I hand draw all my designs. I like the imperfections and would argue that they add more interest to the piece. Its all a process to become a master craftsman.

Thinking about Permaculture and Fashion

 As a maker, I struggle with the reality that what I do is create more waste. I often think about what it means to be a responsible maker. How can I create while maintaining low impact consequences. I made this garment after listening to a lecture on permaculture. The idea of a wearable garden could be the ultimate symbiotic relationship between people and their food. However, these pants are only for those strong few who don’t fear a little dirt.


permaculture: an agricultural system or method that seeks to integrate human activity with natural surroundings so as to create highly efficient self-sustaining ecosystems ~ Meriam-Webster Dictionary


When you are in art school, your roommates put up with a lot more than just dirty dishes and loud music, and your bedroom isn’t just a place to sleep. Here is a look at my make shift bedroom/greenhouse/photo studio with my awesome college roommate.



rack: an experimental fashion event was a collaborative performance held at 2640 in Baltimore, MD. I had the pleasure of designing, constructing, and styling a collection of ‘living garments’. In addition, I worked with a small team to organize the venue and promotional materials. Here are the post cards and flyers we made for the event.

To see my collection check out my website.

Party @the Imperial Garden

Party at the Imperial Garden
Party at the Imperial Garden

Party @the Imperial Garden was made in collaboration with artist Jacob Wayne Dillow. This ‘Party’ blurs the lines of strict gender dichotomies in fashion and pushes the boundaries of runway by housing the whole collection onstage during the performance. Instead of introducing each look in a traditional manner, Party at the Imperial Garden introduces a gamut of competitive characters. The collection was shown in the MICA’s Office of Diversity Fashion Show “Genuine Articles” in Bmore.