A Poem about Pain

To be truly brave, you must open yourself up to the hot pulse of the world and the people within it. You have to resist turning your face from sadness and inhale misery deeply. Let it flow in you and choke it down until it runs rampant through your whole body.

Do not let a single breath escape!

And as it tears the most delicate understandings you’ve carefully crafted, you endure. You must not cover your ears to the bellowing echoes of past joy, but listen to all your doubts about yourself, your life, your actions. Let it fill you up with its honesty.

But take heed.

The proper way to bathe in this gorge is not to wade in its acidic waters of insecurity, but dive straight to the bottom and scream, Thank you! Thank you for this pristine reflection of self. So do not cheat pain, because despite the pleasure of laughter, happiness cannot afford you a greater opportunity.

Relish in your humiliation and become invincible!

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