Chugoku Flora and Fauna

Hana Kairo



Hana Kairo is a large flower park near Mt. Daisen in Tottori prefecture. They have extravagant orchids on display year round, but their crowning jewel are the tulips in the spring. The tulips and designer are brought from the Netherlands and are the size of a child’s head. In addition, you can see a snowy illumination in the winter months. You couldn’t spend a better time than walking around the Hana Kairo grounds.

Matsue English Garden


Matsue English Garden is a flower park in Matsue, Shimane Prefecture. It’s one of the few places in Japan where I have seen a well groomed lawn. Who knew grass would be a thing to miss from home when living in Japan. In addition, the park boasts enormous roses in the summer that you can simply enjoy or buy to take home. The garden is right next to the restaurant, Laut: a perfect place for a fine dining.

Bunny Island


Bunny Island, or Okunoshima (大久野島) is a beautiful island south west of Okayama City that is overrun with bunnies. They are in abundance near the hotel, but look a bit mangy. So I recommend hiking around the many trails. You will find them with little effort as they happily hop your way when you rustle your bag of veggies. I recommend bringing cut carrots and cabbage, as they are more fun to feed the animals than the rabbit pellets you can buy at the port. In addition to the bunny attraction, the island sports many abandoned buildings used during the war effort in the 1900s.


Tsuyama Hanami 2016



Tsuyama is a city in Okayama Prefecture. The castle sits atop the city in a pink cloud during Hanami, or Cherry Blossom season. At night, the city lit up a colorful show on the huge ruins near the Castle.


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