I’m Moving

This last year, I completed my Masters in Business of Art and Design, won four awards, launched a custom clothing collection at Oklahoma Fashion Week, lost 5 pounds, was filmed for both a documentary and a national news report, and got kissed by the boy I had the biggest crush on in 6th grade. As an ordinary person, I would consider this a pretty good year. As a 24 year old, I would consider this a pretty good start to my career in both academia and fashion. So this may come as a surprise to some of you, but I’m moving to Japan.


My flight for Houston, TX leaves in four hours and I haven’t had a wink of sleep. Nerves and excitement just don’t sum up how I feel. Since middle school, I have wanted to travel to Japan through the JET Program. On Saturday, that dream materializes. Yet my excitement has nothing to do with realizing this dream.

I sit here and reflect on all the amazing things that I have been fortunate enough to see, experience and accomplish. Although I have always done, I have also always waited. Even in the midst of a project, or school, or romance I’ve always waited for the next big adventure in my life. Tonight, I am left without anything to wait for. I relish for the chance to live purely in the present.

And although I hope this experience will not be the pinnacle of my dreams, for I am far too young for that, tonight I realize that no other ambitions from my childhood linger within me. This is it. I will dive into everyday headfirst and when I’m finally tired of swimming footloose in the final years of my immaturity I will float to the surface and soak up new dreams of adulthood.

So, to those of you that may wonder what drives me to Japan, it’s actually quite simple. I’m leaving so I can start living for myself.


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