The Blue City: A maze of winding narrow roads, blue washed shanty buildings, and rowdy children who chant, “10 ruppees”. I arrived around 7 AM and proceeded to walk into town as I usually do. The roads were empty but of a few people preparing for another day of business and dogs. Lots of dogs. People say that South India is nicer than the North. Well, from my experience this is definitely true of the animals. Two bulls crack skulls against each other within a few feet of me. Another ten minute walk away, a dog bites at my heels. I felt his little paws upon my feet and I scurried away confused that his owner’s shouts did nothing to quell him. The animosity makes me slightly weary the closer I get to Mehrangarh Fort and my hostel, where a local shoos another dog away from me.

Jodhpur is a place any street photographer would salivate for, but only those without care of rabies could really venture outside the tourist areas.



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