The Ice Valley: Yolin Am & Mukhar Shiver

Yolin Am: The Ice Valley


In late April, the ice already began to crack under our weight. Tume, who led the way, left Yolin Am with wet feet. Half terrified of our steps breaking through the ice, half enthralled by the danger, we made our way over a frozen valley into the ravine. In winter, the ice reached another seven or so feet above us. And I couldn’t help but marvel over the strength of the mountains to endure such a turbulent climate.









Mukhar Shiver: The Ice Wall


Mukhar Shiver was an easy walk from the car park through some hills labeled for their animal shaped peaks. Gradually, we spotted strips of ice on the ground and some trickling streams, until the path turned into ice, and we began the slippery journey up to the Ice Wall. How fun it was to test our balance and lean again the wall, as in April, the ice begins to melt and we could hear the water running underneath.









Me and Tume (the best guide in Mongolia)

What to know:

There are ticks in Mukhar Shiver and the Gobi Desert. I found 3 on my body and possessions.

Mukhar Shiver is not always included in tours to the Gobi, so be sure to ask. (There may not be any ice in summer).

You will most likely go to Mukhar Shiver before Yolin Am.

In summer, you can ride horses to the ravine in Yolin Am, but not in late April.

The ger camps are still closed near Yolin Am in late April.


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