YOU and ME

There was a time
when you and me,
me and you
was something I thought I wanted to have,

but now you're there
and I'm here
and I see what I really wanted...
was me. Just me.

Me in charge, me in mind,
me in command of the uncertainty
of what was, 
"you and me".

Now, it can no longer
bother me.
Because the one who's sad
isn't me, but you.

You, who always made me blue
with your ideas of
you and me,
me and you.

You who would always talk
to me,
but never listen.
Cause that was my job
to do for you.

You and me
never involved the notion
of two...
until it was 
too late.

Too late for you to see
that "you and me",
should have been
"me and you".

Because you cannot do 
without me.
But I do better
without you,

without all of you
who want to turn "me",
into "me and you",

without all of you
who call me mean
when I say, "no!"
to you imposing on me.

all of you who want me
to tip-toe around you
so you can be in charge
of not just "you",
but "you and me".

But you see...
While you were busy
with thoughts of you,
I left.

And now I'm here
free of you.
But you're still there
thinking of
"me and you". 

May 27, 2015


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