Takasaki Daruma Dolls

Shorinzan Daruma TempleDSCF5130


Daruma Dolls are good luck talismans. Fortunes regarding health, safety, fortune, etc. are written along the sides of the face and body in beautiful Japanese calligraphy. In these pictures, you will also see the names of a company or individual who purchased the Daruma and most likely gave a generous donation to have their doll placed on the temple.



Next to the temple is a tiny yet interesting museum of Daruma dolls. You can see many different designs, including Mickey Mouse, more historical imagery, and even some female Daruma Dolls.


Typically, the eyes are of the Daruma doll are left white so that the recipient of a doll can make a wish. At that time, the person making the wish will fill in one eye. The other is left white until that wish comes true.



At the end of the year, Daruma dolls are burned at a temple. Here are some leftover dolls that didn’t burn properly.





Visitors can walk up a couple of flights of stairs into the shoulders of the Kannon-dori. Many colorful Buddhist statues line the walkway. At the top, you can appreciate the view of Takasaki City.


I really enjoy testing my luck and buying “Omikuji” or good luck fortunes. Sadly, my luck doesn’t seem to be so great this year.


Many shops and cafes sell antiques and souvenirs. I personally enjoyed looking at the multicolored and old Daruma dolls.






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